How Many Points is a Speeding Ticket in N.J.?

New Jersey Court is a reliable platform to stave the temptation of speeding on highways. They charge you for contravening the traffic rule and restricting cars in parking them in the wrong area. A New Jersey speeding ticket is that ‘ordinary’ traffic inequity. A collection of many points due to traffic rules infringement may cause suspension of your license and massive fines.

If you have acquired a speeding ticket in New Jersey, you should hire an experienced traffic advocate. In case you want to know diverse information regarding speeding points in N.J., read the article now!

New Jersey Speeding Ticket Points and Penalties:

Speeding is conducted in the traffic court where the accused speeding contravention happened. The fines or penalties for speeding on highways might be tenacious more than any traffic violations. If you find guilty for speeding on highways, the MVC team will add various points on your driving license:

  • 39:4-98 – New Jersey Speeding: Overpowering maximum speed 1-14 mph over limit = 2 points
  • 39:4-99 – New Jersey Speeding: Overpowering maximum speed 15-29 mph over limit= 4 points
  • 39:4-99 – New Jersey Speeding: Overpowering maximum speed 30 mph or severe over limit= 5 points

For a better illustration, quickly take a glance at the table for convenience:

Speed Over LimitFinePoints
1-9 mph$852
10-14 mph$952
15-19 mph$1054
20-24 mph$2004
25-29 mph$2204
30-34 mph$2405
35-39 mph$2695

After you acquire a definitive point summation on your New Jersey Driver’s License, MVC will delegate point surcharges abreast of court-imposed penalties on your N.J. traffic ticket. Additionally, the amount of your insurance premium will significantly enhance counting on the total number of points you have amassed into your license. Due to this conviction, it is reported that the rate of the hike will be as much as 15%.

What is the cost of an N.J. speeding ticket?


As the chart depicted above, a speeding ticket in N.J. will cost in between $85-$260. These amounts will solely depend on exceeding the limit. If anyone crosses all the levels of vehicle’s limit and drives more than the 65-mph speed limit, they have to pay double penalties on NJMCDirect website.

Court Costs:

These amounts have to be paid by those drivers who appeal for their speeding ticket for revision in court. They will pay a $34 fee.


When a driver acquires more than 6 points worth of speeding tickets in N.J. over three years, he must pay a surcharge. This is an extra fee combined with the speeding ticket. It will cost $150 and an additional $25 for each point more than 6.


1Q. How many points does it require for the suspension of your license in New Jersey?

Ans: As if those speeding points were not sufficient, many N.J. court magistrates can suspend your driving license for a maximum of 30 to 60 days. It depends upon how many miles exceeding the actual speed limit you were traveling.

Apart from that, the MVC has labeled the collection of more than 12 points that may lead to the suspension of any driving license.

2Q. Does the accused person need to turn up to a court to combat an N.J. speeding ticket?

Ans: In those cases, an alleged person has to file a letter of acceptance to allow an advocate to arrive on their behalf. Moreover, not possessing sufficient paid time off at work is not enough. Drivers have to make an open discussion with their advocates to ascertain if they have a legitimate claim for that affidavit.


Therefore, as you can see, if you are found to block traffic yet going slow, the following point will be added. Always remember more the points on your N.J. driving record will cause more chances of suspension. In New Jersey, you can take in a speeding ticket from many law enforcement agencies such as county sheriff, traffic police, state police, etc. Irrespective of which New Jersey law enforcement agency raises a speeding ticket in N.J. citation information is sent to the state of N.J. D.M.V. where your driving record is recorded.

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