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Driving a vehicle on the road without a proper Driving License is a heinous crime. Moreover, a Driving license can also prove to be a vital identification document and help you anytime outside. Thus, it is best to carry a proper Driving License if you are driving in New Jersey.

The Department of Motor Vehicles could take that privilege away from you if any contravention is observed. Restoring NJ licenses are full of hassles, and you have to pay a hefty price for violating traffic rules. That leads to the cancellation of your driving license too. Therefore, not having a permit could eventually impact on our daily lives!

Reasons behind the suspension of your Driving License:

There are two significant reasons for the suspension of your driving license:

  • The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) can give the order of suspension.
  • A judge can order to suspend your license.

Some other reasons for the suspension of Driving License:

Other reasons that could result in your Driving License getting suspended have been listed below:

  • Uncontrollable driving.
  • Driving without insurance.
  • More than 12 points on the driving record.
  • Plunge into an internecine motor vehicle collision.
  • U.I., whether drugs or alcohol.
  • Overpassing any car on highways.
  • Failing to turn up in court to pay fines.

What are the amounts of fines for driving with a suspended license?

If you get caught red-handed while driving with a suspended license, prepare yourself for paying a hefty cost! According to the N.J.S.A. 39:3-40 section, you will be charged under “driving while suspended” protocol. Under this section, you will have to pay a massive fine of $500, $750 in D.M.V. surcharges, and another six months of suspension. All these rules should be imposed on first-time perpetrators.

If you are caught again for the second time while driving with a suspended license, be ready to pay more! Here, the penalties would be $750 abreast of $750 DMV charge, again the next six months of suspension, and up to five years of jail.

How would you restore suspended N.J. Driver’s License?

The suspension of N.J.’s driving license is not a perpetual fact. In maximum cases, you need to hire an experienced advocate to reinstate your driving license. There are many requirements to recuperate your driving license after a suspension. In this case, you have to complete an alcohol treatment program and pay accordingly.

Here, you need to pay a restoration charge, a drunken driving fee, and an alcohol treatment fund charge. Apart from that, you must pay a neighborhood services fee, and $1000 for the three years continuously as surcharges. You must abide by the minimalistic requirement for the reclamation of New Jersey Driving License:

  • Complete the whole suspension period.
  • Pay Drink Driving fund fee.
  • Pay neighborhood services fee.
  • Pay all the court fees and fines.
  • Pay Driving License restoration charges, $100 on
  • Complete the Alcohol Treatment Program.
  • Pay $1000 for the three consecutive years.
  • Pay monthly service charges for the next 6 months if applicable.
  • Pay an ignition interlock device on a car if applicable.

Now, let’s quickly glance at the table of N.J.’s mandatory probation period for the suspensions of driving licenses:

Violation Suspension
For the First infringement within a year
Within 6 months of restoration 90 days
Within 7-9 months 60 days
Within 10-12 months 45 days
For the second time or subsequent infringement▲
Within 6 months of restoration 180 days
Within 7-9 months 120 days
Within 10-12 months 90 days


[▲Note: If you are found to be suspended three times within three years, there would be a chance to lose your license for up to three years!]

What are the restoration charges of N.J. Driving License?

After completion of the entire suspension period, recuperation of a driving license is possible after paying a definitive fee. Undergo any processes with your driving license number for swift renewal. The ways to pay the $100 restoration fee is shown below:

  • In-person.
  • Via Mail.


If your license gets somehow suspended in New Jersey, that means you need to pay massive penalties and surcharges. Fines will vary according to the type of contravention. We hope this article helps you get to know the reasons behind the suspension and acquaint you with the restoration charges! If you have any queries regarding this, then kindly let us know!

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