What is NJ Surcharge Violation System?

Motor Vehicle Commission of New Jersey has implemented this surcharge system for contravening traffic rules. If you have more than 12 points acquired on your license, then NJ MVC has the authorization to suspend your driving license.

According to the surcharge violation system, the drivers who have accumulated more than 6 points within 3 years of previous driving infringement, they have to pay additional penalties. Now, without any delay, quickly dig into this article!

NJ Surcharge Violation System: Information

You are only liable for paying your surcharges even if you move out of NJ. These surcharges will be imposed sans of current license and insurance status. No exemption of surcharges will be given to any drivers based on contravention received.

It is mandatory not to ignore this notice. Possessing a driving license in a different state not necessarily indicates that you are free from paying surcharges. Even if any bankruptcy case happened to you ever, you are still obliged to pay your surcharges.

When are they due?

The due date of paying surcharges on NJMCDirect is imprinted on that bill you receive. In case you fail to pay surcharges on the given date, your driving license will be suspended. Despite that, if you choose to start an installment payment plan (IPP), your license will also be suspended indeterminately!

If you have to establish an installment payment plan in case of paying your surcharges, please call (888) 651-9999.

If you found guilty for late or missing payments, your IPP plan will get automatically rejected. Therefore, you need to apply for a new payment plan.

If you knowingly choose to neglect the official announcement of paying surcharges, a judgment may be filed with the State superior court for non-payment. If that judgment happens, extra fees for accumulation cost and interest will be summed up to your leading amount.

How does NJ Surcharge work?

It is quite obvious that whenever people contravene the traffic rules, officers issue a traffic ticket every time. If you acquire more than six points over three years, then you have to encounter a mishap to pay $100 annually for the next three years. Well, not only they charged $100, but also you have to pay a surcharge of an extra $25.

This additional amount will be confiscated for each extra point imposed against your license. The procedure for charging is quite simple. For example, if you acquire nine infringement points over the last 36 months then you need to pay $100 + $75, $175 per year.

Well, the total will be $175*3 = $525. In case your license gets lapsed, then the NJ surcharge will charge you $250 annually. So, as you can see, you will have to compensate a total of $750 due to transgressing the traffic rules several times.

  • The surcharge for a lapsed driving license or operating a vehicle without DL is $100 per annum.
  • The surcharge for driving an uninsured motor is $250 per annum.
  • If you get caught while driving with a suspended license, the surcharge is $250 annually.
  • If you get caught while driving intoxicated, the surcharge is $1500 per annum.

Unpaid Surcharges:

After receiving the notification of paying surcharges, you may choose to ignore that. But thereafter the consequences will be onerous for you! That is why you are going to receive communication from NJ MVC for the suspension of your driving license.

With the help of accurate legal counsel, you can make a solicitation for the suspension of your license. Apart from that, with the target of delaying, or even expelling, the suspension – the information regarding this process is combined with the notice of suspension.

What violations are subjected to surcharges?

Alcohol and drug-related inequities. Alcohol regarding surcharges are levied each year for three years:

  • In-state DUI
  • Out of state DUI
  • Denial for the submission of chemical test report

The surcharge in New Jersey is $1000 a year for the next 3 years in case of first and second contravention. Similarly, a surcharge of $1500 will be levied for three years in case of a third-time violation.


Due to the enormous surcharges, many licenses were suspended after failing to pay huge dollars which sometimes people cannot afford. Well, the Governor shows his perturbation against this surcharge and says it is patently unfair. Lastly, we hope, this article is conducive to you! We hope you have amassed all the relevant information against this NJ surcharge violation and make sure to pay these surcharges before the deadline.

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